Raise Taxes, Don’t Lower Them

That’s what the European Commission says is the correct thing to do.

The European Commission said the EU should proceed with an overhaul of taxes on digital firms even if the rest of the rich world did not follow suit, a draft report said.

And to the point:

The document is part of an EU push to tap more revenues from online multinationals such as Amazon and Facebook, who are accused of paying too little tax in Europe by routing most of their profits to low-rate countries such as Ireland or Luxembourg.

The right answer couldn’t possibly be that the high-tax members of the EU should lower theirs in competition with Ireland or Luxembourg.  Mm, mm.  Gotta destroy the competition—at the expense of the citizenry, yet.

And collect more money from those pesky businesses, too.  After all, it’s not like the money belongs to those businesses.  No, Sir: the money is the EU’s, and those bureaucrats will determine what is a sufficiency for the businesses (and the citizenry) to use for themselves.

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