A Good Idea

The sooner, the better, too, and make it broader.

The US is considering deploying Patriot surface-to-air missiles in Estonia, US Vice President Mike Pence told Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas on Sunday.

“We spoke about it today, but we didn’t talk about a date or time,” Ratas told state broadcaster ERR after the meeting.

This would be excellent.  We also should talk Estonia about deploying THAAD and ABM systems there.  And then we should deploy all three.

And put systems in Poland and Czech Republic, if they’ll have them after ex-President Barack Obama (D) suddenly cancelled the missile defense systems we were going to set up there.  And put systems in Ukraine.

That’s just for Russia’s benefit.  We also should plus up the missile defense systems deployed in the Republic of Korea (if President Moon Jae-in finally can recognize the threats of northern Korea and the People’s Republic of China) and in Japan.  We also should talk to Australia, the Republic of China, and Vietnam about missile defense deployments there.  And India.

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  1. I see in today’s WSJ that India and China are going to join together for a counter-One Belt, One Road. Hope they succeed ….

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