200 Years of History, Summarized

This set of graphs, via Mark Perry at AEIdeas, tells the tale.  The full article is Max Roser‘s at Our World in Data.

The graphs are easier to read in Roser’s article.  Following are Perry’s “captions” for each of the graphs.

  1. In 1820, 90% of the world population lived in extreme poverty vs only 10% today.
  2. In 1820, 83% of the world population had not attained any education vs 14% today.
  3. In 1820, 88% of the world population was illiterate vs only 15% today.
  4. In 1820, 99% of the world population was not living in a democracy vs 44% today.
  5. In 1820, none of the world population was vaccinated against diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus vs 86% today.
  6. In 1820, 43% of the world’s children died before age five vs only 4% today.

Free market capitalism did that.

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