Brussels Misunderstands

This time on the matter of the deal with Iran that codifies its legal capacity develop nuclear weapons.

European diplomats say they are increasingly concerned the Trump administration will stretch out its review of the Iranian nuclear deal, undermining the agreement by curbing the economic benefits designed to ensure Iran’s compliance.

This is at the heart of their misunderstanding.  Regardless of the intent professed by those who negotiated this thing, those economic benefits do not at all “ensure Iran’s compliance.”  What they do do is fund Iran’s nuclear weapons development program and backfill its funding of its terrorist minions in the Middle East and proxies in Europe and the US.

What Brussels is carefully ignoring is that those economic benefits already have contributed to the funding for Iran’s missile development program (which tests are violations of a number of UN levies, as well as “understandings” underlying this Executive Agreement), Iran’s increased activities against our Navy in the Arabian Gulf, and Iran’s increased support for the Yemeni thugs.

This has been, all along, a deal whose payoff has been strictly one-way.

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