“Melting Snowflakes”

The Washington Post wrote about some a bit over a week ago—maybe is one itself.  Citing Ben Rhodes, “a foreign policy aide to former president Barack Obama” on the Cuba situation:

“[P]ersonally, part of what makes it difficult [to accept] is that we were six years into the administration and spent a year and a half of exhaustive negotiations before announcing” the Cuba opening….

And the poor dear didn’t even get a participation ribbon.  He went on:

They seemed to do this in such a slipshod way. Years of work and painstaking negotiations are countered by what feels like very minimal work and thought.

Or, the Trump administration did things at the speed of business instead of the speed of bureaucratic politicians, and maybe his staff have been working this out since the election.

Wendy Cutler, former Acting Deputy US Trade Ambassador on Trump’s walking away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal:

I felt short of breath and like there was a dagger in my heart[.]

Frankly, I agree that Trump was wrong to walk away from the TPP, but dramatically overwrought?  No, I claim to be an adult.

She, too, had to go on about her (and others’, she claims) angst:

When I give speeches, a lot of Asian colleagues are stunned.  They cannot come to terms with how quickly this happened.

Yeah, there’s that speed of business, again.  And perhaps preparation that actually began before 20 Jan.

Kristin Tate, on a recent Fox & Friends segment, has the right of it:

It’s pathetic that The Washington Post would spend time and resources on a story about melting snowflakes while there are so many critical issues that are worthy of coverage[.]

Or, she’s being generous in the level of credit she gives the paper.  WaPo, after all, has remade itself as a tabloid, in the mold of the National Enquirer or the Globe; many of us no longer expect journalism out of this organization.

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