A Sense of Self-Importance

That’s the sense of the European Union as it desperately seeks validation from the US for its existence—as if, as The Wall Street Journal put it, an American Administration is responsible for the EU’s fate.  Here’s European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker:

I do think the United States needs a strong, united European Union on all possible issues.

We’d certainly benefit from a united front on the continent on matters relating, for instance, to Russia.  But this doesn’t need an EU; it simply needs a common understanding by the continental nations of the threat posed by Russia.

Such a united front, also, isn’t likely in the form of an EU, as fractured and divided as that institution is on matters of border sanctity, immigration, national debts and who’s responsible for their repayment, taxing régimes, trade with nations outside the EU’s nominal boundaries, membership and desirability of membership, and on and on.

The EU’s overblown sense of its own importance is a sign of its entirely justified insecurity.

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