Ambassador Sarah Palin?

Leave aside Michael Taube’s knee-jerk anti-Trumpism and his obsession with cute snark-bites liberally (in two senses of that word) sprinkled through his missive in the National Review.  He writes about an interesting thought that may or may not be circulating in the Trump White House—Sarah Palin as ambassador to Canada.

A long-standing rumor that Palin is being considered by President Donald Trump to be the next US ambassador to Canada has gained momentum in recent days.

Oh, yeah—it’s also necessary to leave aside the NLMSM’s penchant for rumor-mongering rather than original reporting.

Ambassador Sarah Palin isn’t so outlandish an idea.  Though, for grins and giggles, I’d rather see her ambassadoring in Russia or the People’s Republic of China.

A better use of her talents, though, would be to post her to Poland or to one of the Baltic States.  A useful signal to the Warring State on the mainland would be a formal diplomatic posting of her to the Republic of China.

One thought on “Ambassador Sarah Palin?

  1. But we already have the Ambassador to China – the former Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad. Who does have the advantage of knowing Xi personally, since the latter’s tour of Iowa several years ago.

    Personally, I favor separate recognition of the RoC. But I don’t make US policy.

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