A Bogus Beef

President-Elect Donald Trump sent notice last Friday that all US ambassadors must leave their posts—stop being ambassadors—by Inauguration Day.  Naturally some folks have their panties in a twist over this, it being unpresidential, and all.  For instance,

An individual with knowledge of the foreign service told FoxNews.com that Trump’s “unwillingness to consider individual cases or exigencies” appears to represent a break with protocol.

And as FoxNews put it,

past administrations have offered a grace period in certain cases.

Leave aside the fact that past presidents have, in fact, ordered US ambassadors to absent themselves by Inauguration Day: newly elected President-Elect Barack Obama (D), for instance, terminated President Bush the Younger’s ambassadors as of that future Inauguration Day.

Trump—and Obama—both gave a grace period, and they did it for all cases.  In Trump’s case, that grace period runs some 14 days—the standard two weeks’ notice.

Some folks are just born to bellyache.

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