What’s Being Covered Up?

If anything?  President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team has Democrats’ panties in a wedgy because Trump’s men are going directly to Cabinets and independent Agencies and asking about programs and who’s running them.  How rude.

Critics of President-elect Trump have suggested the inquiries are a sign his administration intends to gut key programs and punish the staffers involved.

Sounds like a collection of guilty consciences to me.

The inquiries began earlier this month when transition team members submitted 74 questions to the Energy Department regarding climate change and other policy issues, including two about staffers who worked on President Obama’s climate agenda.

Oh, my.  That’s just not done.  Tsk.

Congressmen Elijah Cumming (D, MD) and Frank Pallone (D, NJ) ranking Democrats, respectively, of the House Oversight and Energy committees expressed concern about Trump transition team questions directed to the EPA:

We are concerned that these efforts to single out particular department employees involved in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may be an attempt to target DOE employees whose scientific views on climate change differ from those of the incoming Trump administration.

Americans are concerned that you Democrats are trying to keep the names of bureaucrats in the EPA hidden from incoming administration leadership whose scientific views on climate change differ from those EPA bureaucrats.

If it’s all innocent, the doings in those Obama administration facilities, why are Democrats so desperate to keep things under wraps until the new administration is in place?  Why do they object to a new administration coming in already knowing what’s what before they assume office rather than being forced to learn de novo?  Not even Obama’s transition guys—or those wonderful folks in the House—can be so precious as to think an ordinary transition scheme informs the newbies of all there is to know.

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