Free Speech

We got a good look at the Democratic Party’s view of free speech and press collusion during Tuesday’s debate between Democratic Party Vice Presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine (VA) and Republican Party Vice Presidential candidate Governor (IN) Mike Pence.

Kaine was so disdainful of what Pence was saying, Kaine was so fearful of letting the audience in the hall and the wider audience watching on television that he kept trying to interrupt Pence in mid-sentence and constantly talked over Pence whenever the Pence started to say anything of which Kaine personally disapproved.  Kaine actually interrupted Pence some 70 times—nearly once per minute in the 90 minute debate.  And since the nominal structure of the debate had each of the two originally speaking roughly half the time, that means Kaine just was constantly trying to shout down Pence at every turn.

When Pence protested at one point, Kaine interrupted the objection in mid-sentence, asking “Isn’t this a discussion?”  Indeed, they were in the discussion part of the exchange on a question.  But what Kaine was carefully ignoring—it’s hard to believe he actually didn’t understand this—is that discussions also don’t involve one person constantly talking over the other—the participants actually discuss, not try to shout down each other.

This is the attitude and behavior toward our individual liberties, this is the level of integrity, we can expect from a Clinton administration.

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