The PRC and the RoC

The Republic of China has elected a patriot as its president to replace Ma Ying-jeou, who spent his term acquiescing to nearly every PRC demand.  Tsai Ing-wen, with her countrymen’s welfare in mind as well as her nation’s short-term interests, is interested in stable relations with the PRC, but she’s not interested in “reunification.”  That’s why she was elected, too: neither are her fellow RoC citizens.

Despite this, The Wall Street Journal has editorialized in a different direction:

Ms Tsai faces a challenge of resetting Beijing’s expectations.  One way to do so might be to present herself as a mediator between Chinese leaders and increasingly nationalistic Taiwanese citizens.

No.  There’s nothing to mediate.  There’s no need to equivocate, either; equivocation just plays into the PRC’s hand and facilitates its long-term effort to conquer the RoC.

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