Leadership Regarding Tax Avoidance

Large multinationals operating in the European Union will have to publish details of profits and tax bills generated in countries considered to be “tax havens,” the bloc’s executive arm said on Tuesday as it toughened up proposals for fighting tax avoidance following the “Panama Papers” leak.


“By adopting this proposal, Europe is demonstrating its leadership in the fight against tax avoidance,” said Valdis Dombrovskis [European Commissioner for the Euro and Social Dialogue](!).

Never let a crisis go to waste, eh, guys?  Never pass up an excuse to increase Government intrusion and control.

Here’s a thought.  Work with me on this, it’s an unfamiliar concept for you Big Government aficionados.  How about showing leadership on tax avoidance by reducing the incentive to avoid paying taxes?  Lower your tax rates.

You haven’t demonstrated a need for all that money, anyway, and certainly you haven’t demonstrated a greater need for that money than the folks who’ve actually earned it: private citizens and their private enterprises.  All of you should be “tax havens.”

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