Climatista Madness

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D, RI) is at it again, it seems.

Whitehouse has apparently decided that if he can’t persuade the general public to adopt his climate absolutism, at least he can use the controversy to motivate his deep-pocketed partisans.

This week a recipient shared with us an email sent out on Tuesday by the Senator’s re-election campaign. The subject line: “Standing up to the WSJ.”


His email consists of a description of what he portrays as his brave and lonely stand against the terrible abuse he is taking from fearsome foes, including “the Wall Street Journal editorial page, as well as various less-well-known blogs, fronts and just plain cranks.”

Am I one of those less-well-known blogs, now in the same class as The Wall Street Journal?

Nah.  Prolly not.  Prolly just one of those plain cranks.

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