Arrogance of the PRC

Tsai Ing-wen, of the staunchly pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, resoundingly won election to be President of the Republic of China. The People’s Republic of China was not happy; the PRC has long wanted to get the island nation back under the mainland’s thumb.

In keeping with that, Li Zhenguang of the PRC’s Beijing Union University’s Institute of Taiwan Studies is insisting that

Beijing would be in no rush to engage with Ms Tsai. Rather…”It’s up to Tsai Ing-wen to decide whether she needs to initiate dialogue with the mainland. It’s up to her to find a formulation on cross-Strait ties that’s acceptable to the mainland.”

PRC arrogance has led them to get this backwards. It’s up to Xi Jinping, PRC President, to decide whether he wants honest relations with the RoC. It’s up to Xi to develop a cross-Strait policy that works for the RoC.

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