This is Stupid

As the calendar draws closer to the Iowa and New Hampshire contests, the second tier of GOP candidates [those next behind Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump]—along with the super PACs supporting them—are unloading on each other in a blitz of ads, videos, tweets, stump speeches and interviews. The acrimony is at a level until now unseen….

Trump is increasing his focus on Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Is he really the smartest guy in the room? I’d hate to think so.

The rest of the Republican Party Presidential candidates need to focus their arguments on Clinton and the other (serious) Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (D, VT).

Aside from providing the Democrat Progressives with ammunition for the general campaign (a bogus beef, anyway, since their own opposition research would turn this stuff up), the internecine squabbling and backbiting is rather offensive to us voters. We’re fully capable of distinguishing among the candidates based on their policy proposals and their plans for correcting the damage done by eight years of a Progressive White House and six years of a Democrat-controlled Senate. Those policies and plans are what the Republican candidates should be talking about, and how those things are better than any of the nonsense Clinton and Sanders are offering.

In the words of a Colonel with whom I worked once, the focus on how bad the fellow Republicans are is the dumbest thing I ever heard of.

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