Food Stamps and Junk Food

Maine wants to stop the use of food stamps to buy sodas and candy, limiting SNAP beneficiaries to a moderately healthier set of food purchases. The USDA says it’ll “review” the move.

Sure. However, the USDA routinely blocks moves like this, aimed at moving the program at least a little toward healthier diets—a move whose importance is emphasized by the number of children impacted by SNAP handouts. I’m not holding my breath, and neither are the good folks of Maine.

An American Beverage Association spokeswoman said, not at all self-servingly,

We think families should be free to choose what they put in their grocery carts.

Of course. When they’re the ones paying for what they put in their grocery carts. However, when what’s going into those carts is paid for in large part with OPM, those OP get a significant say, also, or should get one.

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