Russia and the PRC Want Their Safe Spaces

The two are upset over American Presidential campaign remarks. Zhu Haiquan, speaking for the PRC’s DC embassy:

We hope relevant US politicians will view China in an objective and rational way and refrain from making irresponsible remarks[.]

Yuri Melnik, Press Secretary for Russia’s DC embassy:

It is regretful that the anti-Russian rhetoric has become part of stump speeches for many candidates[.]

Zhu is right, our politicians do need to view the PRC (and Russia, come to that) objectively and rationally. Unfortunately, the Obama administration has left it to the Presidential candidates to do so. Regarding Melnik’s concerns, we do need to be more oppositionally oriented toward Russia, a staunch enemy of the United States and a naked aggressor toward its neighbors. Again, though, the Obama administration has abandoned the task to the candidates.

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