The Futility of our Secretary of State

And the motorboat skipper who sits in that chair has another year left in his term….

Now he’s bragging about how progress has been made on ending the civil war in Syria.

Kerry and the other world leaders in Vienna agreed on a timeline for a political transition in Syria that is aimed at ending the country’s civil war.


However, key details, including the status of Syrian President Bashar Assad and a determination of which opposition groups are terrorists, remain unresolved.

Oh, yeah. Might be useful to involve the principles in any timeline or settlement.

John Kerry added, in all seriousness,

We do not agree on all of the issues. But we do agree on this: it’s time for the bleeding to stop.

Cool. Of course, that’s never been in dispute: it’s the underlying purpose of the efforts to stop the civil war.

It’s going to be an interminable year.

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