American Companies Beholden to Foreign Governments?

Now it appears that the Obama administration is taking yet another step to make us look like Europe: he’s negotiating an agreement that could end up requiring American companies, domiciled in America and operating in America, to report to European Union authorities.

Recall the European Court of Justice’s ruling last month that European citizens’ personal data that winds up being stored in the US as a result of various business deals is too exposed and the 15-yr-old, successful data-transfer Safe Harbor agreement between the US and the EU. This is the arrangement that’s being renegotiated, and potentially included in the new agreement is this:

American businesses could be required to report requests by US intelligence services for the data of European users under a trans-Atlantic data-transfer pact now being negotiated, according to the European Union’s justice commissioner.

Worse, it seems to be one-sided: EU companies in the US aren’t being required under this new deal to make similar reports to US authorities.


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