Who Wants Hispanic Votes?

Recall the brouhaha over CNBC’s butchery of the last Republican Presidential primary debate. In the aftermath, the Republican National Committee removed NBC (the parent of CNBC) from moderating the February ’16 debate (currently still scheduled with the National Review as moderator along with a now-unspecified partner). In tit-for-tat response, NBC pulled Telemundo (another of NBC’s properties) from co-moderating that February debate.

Jeb Bush’s representatives sought to reinstate Telemundo, NBC’s Spanish-language network, as a partner for that debate, but the proposal was vetoed by Donald Trump’s campaign, which threatened to boycott the event.

I have a couple of questions: does the Republican Party really want the Hispanic vote, or not? Which Republican candidates want the Hispanic vote?

Is Donald Trump (never mind all his racist remarks about Hispanics) really going to be given veto power over the other candidates’ campaigns and debates? If so, do we really want such lily-livered men or women for President?

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