Power Grab

Here’s one worthy even of President Barack Obama’s legendary reach.

France’s data-protection regulator on Monday rejected Google Inc’s appeal of its order to expand Europe’s “right to be forgotten” to Google’s websites world-wide….

The French presume to extend their legal reach beyond their legal reach—beyond their borders.

France’s Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, or CNIL, said that Google must now adhere to a formal order in May directing it to apply Europe’s right to be forgotten to “all domain names” of the search engine, including google.com—or face possible sanctions proceedings.

Here is France saying, “Do what we tell you to do anywhere you are in the world, or we will break you.”

Rank extortion.

It’ll be interesting—and instructive—to see whether Google management has the moral courage and the integrity to say, “Non.”

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