Another Misunderstanding

This one is by Patrick O’Connor in Wall Street Journal Washington Wire piece.

Senator and Presidential candidate (R, FL) spoke to the Foreign Policy Initiative in New York City last Friday, and he decried President Barack Obama’s nuclear weapons “deal” with Iran and Obama’s decision to resume ties with Cuba and reopen an embassy there.

Mr Rubio outlined those positions in a Friday speech in New York hosted by the Foreign Policy Initiative, further casting himself as the candidate most eager to reignite tensions with two longtime adversaries.

Reignite? Reignite!? Those tensions remain, in spades; they’ve not at all been abated by Obama’s moves. Aside from Iran still being on a path to getting nuclear weapons, it remains sworn to the extermination of Israel and to the death of America. Cuba, far from relaxing, is demanding millions of dollars from us in “reparations.”

The WSJ should know better.

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