Democrat Disingenuosity

An example is provided by a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

President Obama says that critics of his plan to decarbonize the economy are “the special interests and their allies in Congress” repeating “the same stale arguments” about “killing jobs and businesses and freedom.” He adds that “even more cynical, we’ve got critics of this plan who are actually claiming that this will harm minority and low-income communities.”

His EPA, though, has let the cat out of the bag in its Clean Power Plot Plan:

The EPA authors are careful to reiterate that “its benefits will greatly exceed its costs.” (Sure.) But then they ever so gingerly observe that “it is also important to ensure that to the extent there are increases in electricity costs, that those do not fall disproportionately on those least able to afford them.”

The actual cynicism is in the Democratic Party’s assumption that Americans are so stupid we won’t see, or won’t care about, this naked redistribution plan. On the other hand, Obama’s EPA did very carefully bury the plan 1,500 pages in to its 1,560-page Plan.

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