Another Reason

…for Greece to leave the European Union. This time it’s the arrogance of the eurozone honchos.

Greece offered a proposal intended to break the current impasse over its debts and the payments due this month. Whether it was a good proposal or a bad one is beside the point as far as those eurozone honchoes are concerned. Greece’s proposal has these alleged problems:

Greece’s proposal includes targets for its primary surplus—the excess of revenues over expenditures before interest payments are made—that are lower than the targets presented to Greece in a deal struck between the commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, the three institutions representing Greece’s creditors [the so-called troika].

Here’s a carefully anonymous EU “official” on the situation:

That’s non-negotiable. The institutions have reached an agreement on fiscal targets.
What’s been submitted is not a basis for further political discussion[.]

We’ve decided the matter internally. You, Greece, have nothing to say on it.

Since Greece is to be treated as an unwanted stepchild whose own views are beneath notice, Greece should accept the unwanted part and depart from the EU and from the eurozone.

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