Sydney Seiler, Deputy DNI Mission Manager for North Korea and the US envoy to the six-nation talks on northern Korea’s nuclear weapons program, had some…advice…for that nation.

[He] said Tuesday that North Korea should learn from the emerging nuclear deal with Iran that Washington is willing to engage its adversaries if it has a “credible” partner to negotiate with.

It’s certainly true that northern Korea can be expected to learn from the emerging nuclear deal with Iran. They can see what can be had through negotiating with credulous partners.

Another parallel that northern Korea can surely recognize, according to Seiler; although not in the way he meant:

Seiler said there has been no sign in the last two years that Pyongyang is willing to de-nuclearize….

Indeed. Just as there’s been no sign in the last several years that Iran is willing to stop its nuclear weapons program before getting the bomb, also “despite sanctions and diplomatic isolation.”

Then Seiler, as is typical of this administration, exposed himself. Badly.

North Korea “may not have learned any lesson” from the Iran talks, and if it had, “we would perhaps [have] seen it earlier.”

No, northern Korea has learned one very valuable lesson from the Iran talks: stonewalling works. We’ll see in short order whether northern Korea learns the follow-on lesson: using Iran’s technique for handling credulity pays dividends.

It just doesn’t get any more feckless than this.

One thought on “Right

  1. Seiler has it backwards. Iran learned from northern Korea (term used on purpose) that stonewalling and lying work. Every time.

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