Who’d-a Thunk?

According to President Barack Obama’s Department of Education, his student loan forgiveness program already is experiencing cost overruns to the tune of nearly $22 billion. Obama’s 2010 PAYE expansion at the time was projected to add $9 billion to the taxpayers’ bill for students not repaying their debt. As the DoE put it,

The 2015 amount includes a net upward reestimate of $21.8 billion, primarily related to revised interest rates and increased participation in income-driven repayment plans.

Or, in the words of James Schneider, who wrote the article at the second link,

[S]welling enrollment due to looser loan rules is driving up costs….

Or, Romina Boccia, of the Heritage Foundation:

They didn’t account for the market risk in making these loans[.]

Or, Steve Ellis, of Taxpayers for Common Sense:

…hard to see how this is going to come out as a net positive as the administration predicts[.]

Or, Lindsey Burke, also with the Heritage Foundation:

Somebody pays for that loan forgiveness. And that is the three-quarters of Americans who don’t have bachelor’s degrees themselves.

Now, how does that work, exactly? Who could have expected such an outcome? Apparently everyone in the Universe except Democrats.

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