President Obama called for an end to “mindless austerity” on Thursday as he announced his desire to end “sequester” spending cuts in his budget for 2015.

No, Obama wants to perpetuate—even expand—the deliberate austerity of excessive government spending and ever-rising taxes. His “budget” calls for a 7% increase in Federal spending to be paid for with increased taxes, including increases in the death tax on inheritances (which Obama is attempting to disguise by calling it a “trust fund” tax). Indeed, Obama’s “thinking” on taxing was exposed by his attempt to tax Americans’ savings for our children’s college, our 529s.

If the Republicans and Conservatives in Congress are smart, they won’t waste time on the Obama stuff. They won’t even respond to his nonsense. They’ll just ignore it and pass a conservative budget that includes both tax reform and tax rate reductions.

Obama’s going to veto anything this Congress passes, anyway; his vetoes should simply be used to shape the ’16 elections.

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