Sanctions and Foreign Governments

The new Congress is pushing toward legislation that would increase sanctions on Iran should the current “negotiations” over Iran’s nuclear weapons program fail. President Barack Obama has promised to veto the legislation, insisting he’s got everything under control.

Then, on Friday last, British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a press conference held jointly with Obama that he’d been lobbying US Senators against that same legislation and that he intended to continue to do so. In the next sentence he lied about it being lobbying, insisting in wide-eyed innocence

That wouldn’t be right[.]

Now we have two reasons to pass the sanctions legislation, and to repass it over Obama’s veto, either of which is sufficient by itself. Aside from Obama’s foreign policy and negotiating fecklessness, no foreign government has any business trying to influence our Congress. None at all.

Get to work, Congressmen.

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