Obamacare, Errors, and Attitudes

The AP has an article that goes into the pitfalls and pratfalls that Obamacare faces this fall, 2014 enrollment period. I’m interested in one error in particular and the attitude of one Democrat in particular who voted for Obamacare’s passage.

The error was the overpayment by the Federal government of many of the subsidies it handed out to…defray…the premium costs of having an Obamacare health plan. Overpayments could occur from a plan buyer underreporting income, from ObamaMart not correctly matching income data with subsidy accruals, and so on.

As a result of having discovered those overpayments, the government is trying to recoup them from the recipients. Congressman Bill Pascrell (D, NJ) disagrees with making people pay back part of their premium subsidy.

Why should individuals be punished if they got a bump in salary? To me, this was not the ACA I voted on.

Indeed, why should individuals be punished? Yet they would be, if Pascrell’s attitude prevails, by paying out more subsidy than was due. Oh, wait, the individuals being punished are taxpayers.

Of course Pascrell (and his fellow Democrats) know this; they just don’t care about those individuals. Taxpayers, after all, are just money trees with which to fund Democrats’ voters.

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