The PRC’s Aggressiveness

…extends to reaching inside sovereign nations and trying to influence internal matters. And the People’s Republic of China is using its manufactured grudge (based on events of 70 years—three generations—ago) to manufacture justification for this…intrusion.

China’s government on Thursday called on Japan to “break clean with militarism” after Tokyo confirmed that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a note earlier this year to a ceremony honoring more than a thousand World War II-era war criminals praising their contributions.

Will the PRC also “break clean with militarism” and cease their grabs for the East and South China Seas?

Whether the dead honored at the Koyasan Buddhist temple are war criminals, as the post-WWII tribunal says they are, or they are not, as Japanese domestic law says (both then and now, in plain view of the PRC), is beside the point. This is an internal domestic matter, and the Chinese intrusion is not well brought-up behavior. They’ve missed a good opportunity to shut up.

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