What Hath the Kerry/Obama Axis Wrought?

Hamas, a terrorist organization that has murdered thousands of Israelis with random rocket shots into urban areas, at children’s schools, etc, has joined forces with Fatah, the sort-of government of Palestine to form a unity government.

Given Hamas’ declared intent to destroy Israel as a polity, as a society, and as a people, this unity government will be unified in its efforts to destroy Israel. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted from this

He [Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization] must choose. Does he want reconciliation of Hamas, or peace with Israel? He can have one but not both.

Appallingly, no one in the White House or in State had a glimmer that this was coming.

The unity pact, coming days before the April 29 expiration date for the American-brokered peace talks that have been the mainstay of Secretary of State John Kerry’s tenure, surprised officials in Washington….

It’s going to be a long two-plus years. For us, and for Israel.

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