Foreign Policy Failure

…seems to be a characteristic of the Democratic Party.  The Hill had an article about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s moves into Latin America, supposedly behind our back.  This actually is old news; he’s been sailing naval ships into Cuba and Venezuela, as well as flying his bombers to Venezuela, for a few years, now.

What interests me about the article, though, is this remark by Senator Joe Donnelly (D, IN):

They’re on the march.  They’re working the scenes where we can’t work.  And they’re doing a pretty good job.

We can’t work in our own hemisphere?  What makes you think so, Senator?  Have you not heard of the Monroe Doctrine?  When that was promulgated 190 years ago, the US had far less capability than we have now, even with the Obama defense cuts in progress, yet we made it work then.  Why do you think we can’t today, Senator?  What failure do you think exists today?

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