Income Inequality

According to a recent Fox News poll, most Americans don’t agree with President Barack Obama’s emphasis on income inequality, nor are we as dumb as Obama makes us out to be on the matter.

Obama’s latest squirrel is income inequality.  However,

  • all of 21% of voters with annual household incomes below $30,000 think the government should do something about it
  • 12% of those with incomes $100,000 or more feel that way.

What’s up with that?  It turns out that most Americans understand that economics in a free market isn’t a zero-sum game.

  • 84% of voters understand that if someone makes a lot of money, it does not mean someone else has to make less

It’s income agnostic, too:

  • 83% of voters with incomes below $50,000 say that
  • 84% of those with incomes $50,000 or more say that

Most Americans also understand that “spreading the wealth around” isn’t the path to prosperity.

  • 55% of voters think giving unemployment benefits to people who have been out of work for a long time discourages them from looking for a job.

Again, it’s income agnostic:

  • More voters than not in both higher and lower income groups say the benefits keep people from trying to find work.

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