China Doesn’t Like It

So it can’t be all bad.

China’s Foreign Ministry on Monday accused Japan’s prime minister of hypocrisy and said he would not be welcome in China after he visited a shrine honoring Japan’s war dead.

The People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Qin Gang said,

[Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe’s hypocrisy in his claims of prioritizing relations with China and hopes for dialogue with the Chinese leaders has been fully revealed.

The Chinese people do not welcome him.  Now, Abe needs to admit his mistakes to the government and people of China, cut loose from the past and make a new start.

Because a nation’s leaders honoring their war dead is wrong.  And because the People’s Republic of China gets to dictate to other nations how those nations must behave internally.  Sure.

Withal, that’s of a piece with dictating to other nations how they must behave in international waters and airspace—like the South and East China Seas and the airspace above the East China Sea.

In the end, I have to ask: when will the PRC cut loose from the past and make a new start?

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