A PRC Invasion

The government of The People’s Republic of China wants, in all seriousness, to build a city in the state of New York that is devoted to the purposes of that government.  This city is to be called China City of America, and it’s intended to include family housing, a college with student residences, and offices for representatives of every province in China, among other structures—and we taxpayers would foot the bill for 20% of this $300+ million dollar project (an early number that’s likely to grow, as all such project costs do).

What makes this project…unusual…is that it’s intended to be, permanently, a PRC enclave, a permanent “Little China,” populated, apparently, solely with PRC government and provincial officials and PRC students educated in a PRC-run school.

We’re a great nation because we assimilate immigrants into our nation, our communities, our culture.  The Little China, Little Italy, Little Etc communities in our cities, for all that they start out as separate enclaves, wind up also assimilated.  This “China City of America” is not intended to be a temporary enclave to ease the transition of Chinese immigrants into American culture.  It’s intended to be a province of The People’s Republic of China on American soil.

And it’s fueled in no small part—that remaining 80%, for all that half-million dollar visa fees are intended to be funneled into it—by all those US dollars the PRC controls as a result of all the lending to us it’s done.  If this works, what happens near other of our major cities/economic cities?

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