A Cost of Obamacare

Anecdotal, certainly, but anecdotes are data, and they can accumulate into trends.  This one comes from Fox News‘ “Kelly File.”

One late-middle-aged family with two college-age children were paying $500/mo for a health insurance plan that suited their needs.  President Barack Obama’s Obamacare, though, termed that plan inadequate and so illegal: the family got one of those ubiquitous cancelation letters.  The new health “insurance” plan they got runs them $1,250/mo.

With that explosion in their pocketbook, this family did what any American family does and what the Obama administration refuses to do seriously: they budgeted.

“That’s actually a little bit more than my monthly mortgage on my home, so you can imagine that you have to start thinking about, you know, where is the extra money coming to pay for the policy,” the mother said.

They made a list of things that had to go in order to afford the new plan: charitable donations, extra mortgage payments, “splurges” such as more frequent haircuts, and so on.

Courtesy of Obama and his Obamacare, charity is hurt—that should be a government welfare program, anyway, eh?—accelerated debt pay down is hurt (isn’t that how we got into this mess, excessive debt?), less money to spend on the private economy, ….

The mother added, with considerably more economics acumen than Obama,

…maybe not eating out as much, not going to the movies, that directly affects small business in our community[.]

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