Wealth Redistribution, Industrial Style

…additionally, with industry as helpless victim, a taxpayer bailout.  It’s an Obama two-fer: spreading the money around and bailing out an industry.

Built in to Obamacare, it turns out, is another form of wealth redistribution.  In order to guarantee every insurance company a profit (as opposed to, more properly, engendering an economic environment within which every insurance company has an opportunity for a profit), Obamacare has embedded in it something called a “risk corridor.”  Here’s Power Line‘s description of what this corridor is:

The risk corridor program, by its design, is basically a risk sharing program among insurance companies, administered by the government.  Companies that make out better than expected provide funds for companies that make out worse.

Wealth redistribution on an industrial scale.  But wait—there’s more:

If essentially all insurance companies make out much worse than expected, as may well be the case, the risk corridor concept won’t work as intended.  It will work only if reinvented to force taxpayers to subsidize the industry.

The Obama bailout.

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