Obamacare Impact on Jobs

Investor’s Business Daily‘s online site compiled, as recently as mid-October, a list of companies that are…adjusting…hours and employment policies in response to Obamacare.  Where IBD was able to discern the number of jobs affected for an individual company, they included that datum in their list.  IBD also updates the list at regular intervals.

The short version of their work is that, as of mid-October, 352 companies had been pushed into Obamacare-caused jobs-related action, and those actions impacted over 19,000 jobs.

President Barack Obama said repeatedly that if we liked our insurance, or our doctor, we could keep both.  Period.  We’ve seen already the veracity of that claim.  What Obama carefully did not promise is that our jobs would be unaffected.


h/t GayPatriot

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