The Worst Is Still To Come?

Senator Tim Scott (R, SC), whose business experience is in the insurance industry, thinks so.

After 15 years in the insurance industry I will tell you that the reality of it is this: if it’s hard on the front end, it’s going to be really painful when we get to paying, having to take care of claims, having to take care of people.  This is a real challenge and if it’s this bad now, I fear the worst is still to come.

Indeed.  If the system is unable to convey accurate information about an applicant for an insurance policy to the company actually handling the insurance, how can it be expected to convey accurate information about an insuree when he files a claim?  Or when his doctor files the claim for him?  Or make payments to the doctor or hospital based on that (potentially inaccurate) claim from that (potentially inaccurate) policy?

Keep in mind that, at the time the insuree files his claim, he’s just undergone an expensive procedure, and he needs the money.  Or the doctor/hospital who’s fronting the patient needs the reimbursement.

The filing to payment/reimbursement process usually was long and dragged-out, even before the advent of Obamacare.  How many of you have had an expensive trip to the hospital, or an expensive procedure done in your doctor’s or dentist’s office, and seen the bills come trickling in over the ensuing weeks or months—the initial bill, then what the insurance company covered, and a subsequent bill?  Then a final settling-up?  But at least then, it was accurate.

This government-generated software that fronts for Obamacare is a disaster now.  This same government-generated software also does that backend system of claim process and payment for Obamacare.

Heads up.

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