There’s Hope, Again

Both Colorado State Senators, including the President of the State Senate, facing recall over their gun control legislation lost those recalls Tuesday.  These were solid defeats, too, nothing cliff-hanger-ish about them: State Senator John Morse (D), the Senate President, lost 51%-49%, and his colleague, State Senator Angela Giron (D), lost 56%-44%.

Moreover, these were not California-style recalls, where the firing occurs in one election and a separate election is held later (in which the just-fired incumbent could be a candidate).  These Colorado recalls were elections themselves, and on losing the recall, Morse and Giron were replaced by their opponents—Republicans Bernie Herpin and George Rivera.

The State Senate remains in Democrat hands, and it remains to be seen whether Herpin and Rivera will be any more responsive to their bosses, the citizens of their districts, but this is a clear step in the right direction: those who try to limit our individual liberties—in this case, try to foist onto honest citizens restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights—can expect to be fired forthwith.

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