Power Line quoted, the other day, a Rasmussen poll that had, among other things, this table:

What John Hinderaker said in that post was this:

This is what I really want to highlight: the issues that Democrats have played on most heavily over the last year or so, and which some view as a mortal threat to the GOP, are doing little or nothing for the Dems.  Specifically, the parties are tied on immigration (39/40), and Republicans lead slightly on gun control (43/41).  Social Security, which the Democrats have been demagoguing for, what?—seventy-five years or more?—has come to rest dead even, at 40/41.  The Democrats lead on the traditional soft issues of the environment and education; those are areas where the Republicans should be able to make up ground with a little marketing.  But what is most striking about these data is that the Democrats’ current scare campaigns over guns and immigration have made little impression on the voters.

Progressive demagoguery (or anyone’s demagoguery) doesn’t work.  Republicans and Conservatives lead on the important matters and are tied on the Progressives’ demagogued items.

The voters will listen, and the Conservatives have to stop being afraid of their own message and get out among the folks where they live.  As others and I have said many times.

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