A Measure of Responsibility

The House plans to take steps to curb the power of federal agencies and impose more checks on them in response to recent scandals emanating from the Internal Revenue Service.

Here are the bills the House plans to introduce before the August recess next month—and hopefully pass and send up to the Senate for passage in September after the recess.  The several bills would

  • bar [the IRS] from implementing and enforcing Obamacare
  • make it legal for citizens to make recordings of any conversation they have with a federal enforcement official
  • necessitate[] the approval of the leadership of the agency for conferences held by government officials
  • [give] Congress…final approval of any regulations that would seriously impact the economy
  • mandate the creation of a customer service system at agencies
  • let agencies place “senior career officials on investigative leave, with or without pay, when they are under investigation for serious abuses.”

Will the Democrats in the Senate support this, or will they block the bills, favoring, instead, continued (Democrat) Executive Branch abuses?  Will the House actually pass this legislation, or is this just a Republican version of Obamatalk?

We’ll see in a bit.

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