YouCut, Citizen Cosponser

Recall the YouCut program that the House of Representatives Republican caucus instituted in the wake of the 2010 mid-term elections.

Now, building on the heels of that program’s success, the Republican caucus under the leadership of Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R, VA), whose leadership also led to the YouCut program, is instituting a new program that moves the House—and by extension the Federal government—closer to us citizens.  This program is, and it presents all legislation openly and clearly and allows each citizen to become a cosponsor of any piece of legislation—or not.

Here’s Cantor’s email that announces the plan [emphasis in the original]:

When we launched YouCut three years ago, we never imagined how engaged people would become and how successful the program would be in achieving its mission of changing the culture of spending into a culture of savings.
Millions cast votes across the country to encourage the House to cut spending, and that is exactly what we continue to do. Throughout the program, we’ve seen YouCut proposals drive public discussions, pass the House and even become signed into law. Now, as our new Majority continues to work to cut spending and grow our economy, it’s time to leverage the latest technology to expand YouCut into its next phase.
I am excited to announce the launch of – a new platform that allows you to become a Citizen CoSponsor of any bill in the House.
Now, any engaged citizen can become a Citizen CoSponsor and track the status of the legislation they care about in the House.
Whether you want to cosponsor new legislation like the Kids First Research Act or become a Citizen CoSponsor of legislation that has already passed the House, like No Budget, No Pay, you can now do so here.
House Republicans believe that transparency, open government and engagement are vital to a modern Congress, and is an important step in that direction.
Visit today and become a Citizen CoSponsor of the bills you care about:
Eric Cantor
Majority Leader
What issues do you care about? Visit today to become a Citizen CoSponsor of any bill.

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