Some Just Can’t Be Helped

California is on the verge of a new gold rush. Expanded hydraulic fracturing—or “fracking”—at the Monterey Shale formation is sparking estimates that 15 billion barrels of oil could be accessed, along with millions of jobs and huge contributions to the domestic energy supply.

Even the state’s green-friendly Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, says “the potential is extraordinary.”

But standing in the way is a flurry of anti-fracking bills.  At last count, 10 were on the table, all introduced by Democrats seeking tighter controls over the controversial technology.

Never mind that there’s nothing controversial about fracking, except in the minds of “journalists” looking to peddle their stories and in the minds of “environmentalists” who would rather trash our economy—and so our environment—than do anything serious vis-à-vis our environment, or our economy.

Indeed, as Tupper Hull, Vice President of Strategic Communications with the Western States Petroleum Association notes,

Why would you want to curtail energy production, with a technology that has proved to be safe, and (deny) the folks in the regions of the state where those benefits are going to accrue?  That just doesn’t make any sense[.]

Aside from the general stupidity of this, my concern is that when California goes bust, they’ll come a-runnin’, demanding help, trying to con the Federal government into bailing them out.  With the tax dollars paid by the citizens of functionally bankrupt Illinois, paid by the citizens of nearly bankrupt New York, paid by the citizens of fiscally responsible Texas, paid by the citizens of….

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