The US and Syria

[emphasis added] Israel launched its second airstrike in three days in the Syrian capital Sunday targeting a shipment of extremely accurate guided Iranian-made missiles intended for Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, according to an intelligence official in the Middle East.

The attack, which signaled a sharp escalation of Israel’s involvement in Syria’s bloody civil war, was confirmed to the Associated Press hours after Syria’s state media reported that Israeli missiles struck a research center near Damascus, setting off explosions and causing casualties.

This also follows another strike against Syrian military targets conducted by Israel in January.

Israel’s public position—and it’s an entirely valid position in its own right—is that it will not allow such relatively upgraded weapons to move to Hezbollah control.  Plainly, the Israeli government is emotionally up to the task, and the IAF is up to the task in personnel and equipment.

Is President Barack Obama, the anti-jobs outsourcer, outsourcing US responses vis-à-vis Syria?

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