Personal Responsibility

Richard and Melinda Armstrong, of Caldwell, said their family was camping in the Boise National Forest in September 2010 when a gust of wind blew over the dead tree.  It fell on their son, resulting in a large laceration, a compound fracture, and a puncture wound in his back that impaired his breathing.

The boy is recovering, although he may have permanent damage to a leg, and now the parents are suing the Forest Service for $1 million.

Their lawyer, Eric Rossman, has this to say about the incident:

The tree was clearly dead—had been dead for years—and was within eight feet of the fire ring, and within 48 feet of the Forest Service road.  It was an obvious hazard.

I have this to ask about the incident: “Why, then, did the Armstrongs choose to camp so close to the obviously hazardous tree?  Do they bear no responsibility for their boy’s injuries?”

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