They All Could Learn from the Poles

In the aftermath of the Cyprus Parliament’s rejection (wholly correct IMNSHO) of the troika’s “bailout” offer—a “one time” “tax” on bank deposits held by Cyprus banks—talks are failing (breaking down?) within the government, between the government and the troika, and between the government and Russia on a Plan B to avert Cypriot bankruptcy.

Amid this crisis, and exacerbated by the rejection and potential failure of the subsequent talks, panic is growing in the EU, and especially in the euro zone, that a Cypriot bankruptcy will force Cyprus out of the euro zone, and that will lead to the doom of the euro.

That panic is both palpable and foolish (see here, also).

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has the right of it.

There is no obligation to accept help.  Cyprus has the possibility of living with its own mistakes.

He knows—Poland does not use the euro.  Greece and the EU should take this advice to heart, also.

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