The Efficacy of Government-Held Databases on Citizens

Here’s an all too likely outcome from letting government maintain databases on its citizens, ostensibly for the safety of those citizens.

A Muslim US Air Force veteran who had trouble entering the country last year to visit his terminally ill mother was barred again Saturday from trying to return home to Qatar, the second time this month that he’s been prohibited from boarding a flight in Oklahoma City because his name appears on a government no-fly list.

The reason?  There isn’t one, really:

[Saadiq, who is an American citizen as well as a vet] Long said a TSA agent told him that he was “still on the list” and he would have to contact the FBI.

Pass that buck.  But

Long said the FBI has not told him why he is on the no-fly list[.]

It’s entirely possible this is on the up and up.  There’s no information to support that thesis, though.  On the other hand, database errors happen, but it’s deucedly hard to get government to correct their errors.  Bureaucracy, don’t you know.

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