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President Barack Obama and his fellow Progressives are reorganizing their Obama for America group into a tax-exempt group to be called Organizing for Action, whose purpose is to generate grass roots support for President Barack Obama’s policies and goals over the next four years.  This is relatively old news; John McKinnon and Colleen McCain Nelson have one description of this in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

The problem with this, IMNSHO, is not so much the potential for this group to facilitate Obama’s working his will on our nation.  It’s more centered on the Republicans’ reaction to it.  As McKinnon and Nelson write,

At a House GOP retreat this week, Republican leaders discussed their concern that Mr Obama’s group would be used to generate grassroots activism for Democratic issues.

Well, duh, as the kids say.  You guys are incompetent communicators.  Instead of whining that the Progressives are planning on talking to folks and generating grassroots support for their policies and goals (how unfair is that!?), you should be asking yourselves why you’re not talking to folks and generating grassroots support for your own policies and goals.


Republicans also say Mr Obama could overplay his hand by appearing to be more focused on campaigning than governing.  A spokesman for Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell [R, KY] said the OFA announcement is “the next step” in a pattern of the administration campaigning while in office that Mr McConnell has criticized repeatedly.

Catch up and pay attention, Mitch.  That “campaign instead of governing” plaint was a major beef of Republicans all last summer and fall—and before.  Nobody cares.  Except the Progressives, for whom it’s been working for the last few years.

Quit bellyaching and start talking and start governing.  You control the House of Representatives.  You’re a powerful minority in the Senate.  Start acting like it.

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