Technology Transfer

Is this the administration’s new paradigm?  Barnini Chakraborty, writing for Fox News, reports

More than a decade of advanced American technology could be handed over to one of the country’s top economic rivals unless the government intervenes to stop the sale, lawmakers say.

The concerns surround the sale of A123 Systems—a firm backed for years by U.S. taxpayers—to a company run by a Chinese multi-millionaire with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Chakraborty understates the case, though.  More than mere economic rivals, the People’s Republic of China are our political and military foes, also, as events in the South China Sea demonstrate, as the PRC’s active blocking of meaningful steps to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons and to prevent northern Korea from spreading their nuclear weapon technology demonstrate, as the angry words and covert threats of the PRC leadership against the US whenever we protest their misbehavior demonstrate.

This particular technology transfer

would essentially transfer sensitive battery technology with “key military applications….”


…the technology behind [A123 Systems’] ultra-light lithium-ion phosphate batteries being bought will play a major role in modernizing the way electricity is generated and distributed. The new tech could also be used in key military operations and to power satellites and unmanned military drones.

This is one example, and it hasn’t yet played out.  The transfer may still be blocked, at least officially and legally.

There are other examples wherein this administration has acted positively to prevent such transfers to the PRC.  It’s entirely possible that this isn’t a new paradigm (although it’s hard to understand why the question still is an open one and the transfer not already blocked), but merely an example, alongside those others, that shows this administration…has no clue of what it’s doing with American technology.

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